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Founded in 1999, Jackson Grills has grown to be one of North Americas leading specialty grill companies.

Built on a belief that grills aren’t disposable, that they should stand the test of time, be beautiful and cook consistently season after season.

Located in the Pacific Northwest home to some of Americas only temperate rain forest, we can’t think of a better testing ground for our grills.  We consider the harshest conditions when designing and testing our grills, and that doesn’t stop at durability, performance is also our passion.  Grilling requires consistent temperatures with pinpoint precision, no small task when battling the unpredictable weather, the Pacific Coast serves up.

At Jackson Grills we saw an opportunity to build a grill that lasted longer, got hotter quicker, cooked more evenly, and looked better. Put it all together and you get a grill that will exceed your expectations for years to come!


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Jackson Grills vs Competitors

Don’t waste another minute of your summer fighting an old barbecue. The intelligently designed Jackson Grill heats up to 500 degrees in five minutes and offers that perfect grilling experience… every time.