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Your Jackson Grill is just like your car, it requires maintenance to assure that it will work and last to its highest potential. Here are a few basic instructions and tips, to help clean and maintain your Jackson grill. If you would like more detailed examples please click on the below video tutorials.



  • Give your Jackson Grill a good cleaning after each use to maintain the beauty of your well-earned investment. Exterior stainless surfaces are very durable, but should be cleaned and cared for like any of your kitchen appliances.
  • For initial cleaning (especially on barbecues under 3 years old), use a stainless steel cleaner and polish (such as Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner or 3M SS Cleaner and Polish – see right) to keep your grill shining and looking like new
  • Inspect and clean your main grease tray and smaller grease cup before every grilling session.
  • Keep the burner tub area clean as this will prolong the life of this area. Grease and salts left for long periods can shorten the life of this well used area.
  • Burners should be inspected at the beginning of every grilling session as insects can build nests inside the burners which can cause hot spots, poor/no ignition, fire, and/or flash backs.
  • Look for burner port blockage and corrosion while inspecting burners. Clean each burner port by pushing in and out in a circular motion using a small piece of wire or paper clip. Use a SS brush to clean the large areas of the burners.
  • Clean your flame diffusers with a SS brush before every use to reduce damage and flare-ups.


  • Minor scratches on exterior stainless can usually be removed by using a fine grade Scotch Bright pad or similar polishing pad. Gently rub the surface with the pad and always rub with the grain to prevent more damage to the brushed surface.
  • For a deep clean and to remove layers of carbon and grease build-up, Jackson Grills Stainless Steel Cleaner/Polish (see right, item code #101CN) is a strong, abrasive cleaner that can cut through even the toughest stains. Make sure you clean going with the grain of the stainless as going against the grain can severely scratch the surface.
  • This product is not for clean polished surfaces. It is a very strong but safe cleaner for tougher jobs that both cleans and shines your grill surface back to prime condition. Be careful to read all of the instructions and ask your dealer for clear direction on how to use this product.
  • Do NOT use steel wool to clean any part of your Jackson Grill, as fine pieces of the wool will be left behind and rust.

Download Our Recommend Stainless Cleaning Guide